Wood Floor Finishing Tools

The primary tools needed are a drum or belt floor sander, an edger sander, a buffer, a hand scraper, a sanding block and a variety of sandpaper and screen discs ranging in grit from coarse to fine, as well as a vacuum cleaner and broom. Drum and belt sanders are similar, the difference lying in the way the sandpaper is mounted. On a drum sander, a sheet of sandpaper is wrapped around the drum and attached by insertion in a slot on the drum. A belt sander, as the name suggests, employs a continuous belt of sandpaper. Edgers are hand-held rotary-disc floor- sanding machines used to sand around the perimeter of the
room, as well as in closets, on stairs and in other small areas. Harder- t o – reach places require the use of hand scrapers and sanding blocks. The buff e r, fitted with fine-grit screen or sandpaper discs, is used after the final cut — typically with the drum or belt sander — to blend the field and the edge.